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Dredging/Harbor Project

St. George Harbor Breakwater Storm Repairs

Location: St. George, Alaska

Project Dates: 2007

Owner: City of St. George

Contract Amount: $5,350,000

Status: Complete

Project Details: St. George is a small island in a remote area of the Bering Sea, where access is by water transportation or air transportation. Knik mobilized the materials and equipment using a company owned tug and barge into a small harbor on the island. The St. George project included an initial emergency temporary shoreline erosion protection at the St George harbor fuel tank farm. To do this, Knik loaded and hauled approximately 3,000 cubic yards of mined quarry rock and placed it along approximately 40- feet of the existing embankment near the St. George Harbor Fuel Tank Farm.

The work also included repair of the existing Breakwater with an additional 8,000 cubic yards of armor rock for the north shoreline armor cap. Additional material for breakwater repair was shipped from Aberdeen, WA for the 25-day, one-way trip to St. George Island.