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Road Project

Kanakanak Rd: D Street to Squaw Creek Road Resurfacing

Location: Dillingham, Alaska

Project Dates: 2014-2015

Owner: State of Alaska DOT&PF

Contract Amount: $9,109,265

Status: Ongoing

Project Details: Dillingham, Alaska is on Nushagak Bay, which is an inlet of Bristol Bay Alaska. Dillingham is the regional hub of the rich Bristol Bay salmon fishing district. Dillingham is not connected by the statewide road system and the only way to reach the city is by airplane or boat.

This project entailed resurfacing approximately 2.6 miles of the Kanakanak Road in Dillingham, AK. This included rehabilitation of the road structure section while also addressing safety and drainage issues.

Knik raised the height of the road profile of Kanakanak Road by up to five feet for a length of approximately 0.5 miles at Squaw Creek and Scandinavian Creek. It was also necessary to replace three existing in-stream culverts with larger culverts and install embankment stabilizing devises, e.g. riprap and filter blankets on embankment slopes.

The in-stream culverts required extensive de-watering and damming. Strict fish windows and regulations had to be abided by. Earthen dams were used to keep tidal water from the construction site in combination with upstream pumping.

Other work completed was to raise and improve the existing pedestrian and bicycle pathway, replace and improve signs, guardrail, guardrail end treatments and restripe as needed.

Construction materials were staged and shipped to Dillingham from Seattle via Knik's tug and barge.