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Dredging/Harbor Project

Cape Nome Jetty Repair

Location: Cape Nome, Alaska

Project Dates: 2006-2009

Owner: City of Nome

Contract Amount: $3,368,000

Status: Complete

Project Details: Nome is located on the south coast of the Seward Peninsula facing Norton Sound, part of the Bering Sea.

The City of Nome was contracted through FEMA to repair the damage to the Jetty at Cape Nome from the Bering Sea Storm of 2004. The facility was to be rebuilt back to the pre-storm conditions with rock obtained from the existing Cape Nome Quarry. The jetty is used for load-out of rock products from the quarry. It was severely damaged during a Fall storm event in which waves dislodged much of the armor rock and rock fill. The total length of the jetty repair project is approximately 700 lineal feet. The project consisted of a rock fill core, armor rock, sub base, base course, and load-out dock repairs. The toe of the armor was trenched into the existing relic stone on the sea floor. The Corps permit allowed the rebuilding of the breakwater. The overall project re-constructed the barge load out facility at Cape Nome to a condition that existed prior to the storm of 2004. There was over 25,000 tons of armor rock produced and place to protect the load out facility.