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Reporting puts you in control of important shipment information needed to help manage your transportation process. You can view reports online, receive them via email, and download them as Excel, HTML, or as a Comma Delimited files. In addition, you have the ability to schedule reports to be emailed to multiple email addresses covering specific date ranges and sent at intervals you specify.

Overview of Available Reports:

Click on "Reporting"

"Choose Report" allows you to determine the type of report you want. You can create something specific to your needs with customization features or utilize Standard and PDF Reports for more general data.

Custom - By selecting a "Standard Report" you are able to create a "Custom" report using information via "data columns. "To begin building your custom report, you need to select from one of those listed in the "Standard Reports" listing. After selecting the "Standard Report" you want, click from the "Choose Action" listing. For more details, see the " Custom Reports" section below.

Standard Reports:

Accounting - if you are the "Bill To" party, this report displays your accounts payable payment and invoice information on shipments within a specified date range. The report includes only those bills that have been invoiced.

Management - provides data about the shipments you've moved with Lynden for the specified period of time. Weight and pieces are shown for master bills when there are multiple shipments. If you are the "Bill To" party, charges will also be displayed.

Operation - this report gives shipping and receiving information including all status information for shipments within the specified date range.

Outstanding Balance - if you are the "Bill To" party, this report reveals any outstanding invoices, charges, payments and adjustments for the specified date range.

Voyage (AML only) - delivers various shipping and receiving data by Voyage (for Alaska Marine Lines barge voyages only).

All Columns - allows you to access over 50 columns of data regarding various shipment details for all shipments within a specified data range.

PDF Reports:

Each displays the same shipment detail, the difference are based on how the data is sorted.

Once you "Choose Report" you'll be asked to provide some date information. In the above example the "Custom" report called "lato" was selected and the action "View Report" chosen. For the "Companies" field you can select the relevant Lynden Company or leave at the default "All Companies." For date you can enter a date range manually or click on the calendar. When finished, click on "View" and you'll get the report. What you "View" is the data selected when you created the initial report.

For this example, the "Management" report was chosen, with the action to "Download Report." Be sure to "Open" the report (this may look different depending on your internet browser and settings).

The report will open giving you full Excel spreadsheet capabilities so you can copy, add/delete columns, change column headings, etc.

In this example the "List of All Columns Available" report was selected. There are over 60 column should you choose this report.

If you choose any of the "PDF Reports" your only "actions" are to "View, Download or Email" the report (notice the other actions have been "grayed" out so you are unable to select them).

Custom Reports:

To create a "Custom" report, select from the "Standard Reports" list and then "Create Report" from the action choices.

You can name the report anything you like. For the "Select By" you can choose those listed on the right. The Management report was selected also "All Companies" for the "Choose Company" drop down. If you wanted just a Lynden Transport report you could choose that company from the drop down. Select "Next" when you've finished with your selections.

To choose the column headings for the report, select from the listing on left. To move them to the right side, use the "left and right" arrow keys. Once you have the column headings you want, you can then move the "up and down" keys to put them in the order you want the column headings to be displayed. When finished, select "Next."

Next, you'll want to choose how you want the columns to be sorted. Again, use the "right/left" arrows to move column heading names from the left box into the right. In this example, "Date" was selected. When finished, click "Next."

You have the opportunity to sort using "Ascending/Descending" order for your report. After selection, click "Save Report."

How to View/Email/Schedule a Report:

To schedule a report, choose the "Custom" report you want scheduled, then from the action list, select "Schedule Report." You can "edit/delete" any "Custom" report as well as "Schedule Test" the one you want to add.

You have some options based on scheduling the report to cover the drop down list. If you select "No. of Days" you'll need to enter the "number" in the "Days" field. You'll need to complete the additional fields. To see what is available, click on any of the drop down lists for that field.

When you've completed everything, select "Save."

You can "Edit and/or Delete" any "Custom" reports from here.

Once you've determined what report data you need, you'll need to select "Choose Action."

Below is a complete listing of all the various "Actions" choices available. Each will use specific "Start and End" dates as the filtering mechanism.

View Report - as simple as it sounds, allowing you to view the report as a webpage. No edits can be made in this format.

Download Report - allows you to download in Excel, HTML or Comma Delimited formats. The default is set to Excel but can easily be changed by selecting from the drop down menu.

Email Report - allows you to send a report to one or multiple recipients.

Schedule Report - determine when you want to receive report information via email. Multiple options are available.

Create Report - allows you to select column headings and sorting options to create a report specific to your needs.

Edit Report - you can easily edit any "Custom" report you have created.

Delete Report - delete any "Custom" report you have created.

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