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Alaska Hovercraft

Subzero temperatures and wide-open spaces. This is the perfect environment for Alaska Hovercraft. Lynden's floating giants hover above land, water, ice or sand and go where no other marine vessels dare to venture. Whether you need crews transported to and from offshore drill rigs or oversized supplies delivered to uncharted areas with no roads, we can help.

Alaska Hovercraft leases our commercial-size hovercraft that are environmentally friendly and safe for transporting cargo or people. We also provide maintenance, parts and customer support. Lease just the hovercraft or choose a more complete turn-key experience including a crew, maintenance, parts and fuel on a daily or weekly basis.

Our vessels are U.S. Coast Guard-certified for commercial use, fully amphibious and have complete navigation and communications systems. The AP.1-88 hovercraft can transport up to 80 passengers or 12,500 pounds of freight.

As a member of the Lynden family of companies, Alaska Hovercraft has the unique benefit of drawing on the diverse skills and abilities of multi-modal transportation and logistics companies to meet customers' needs. We are ready for your most challenging assignments, wherever they may be!


Length Overall:
70.0 ft.
Beam Overall:
36.1 ft.
Height (on landing pads):
26.0 ft.
Height (hovering):
29.2 ft.
Maximum Operating Weight:
74,000 lbs.
Maximum Disposable Load:
16,000 lbs.
Maximum Fuel Capacity (including ballast allowance):
600 U.S. gal.
Total Fuel Consumption (at continuous power):
60 gallons per hour
Maximum No. of Passenger Seats:
Maximum Calm Water Speed:
40+ mph
2 x 2.74 m (9.0 ft) diameter shrouded propellers
8 x 0.84 m (2.75 ft) diameter centrifugal type
Lift - Two Deutz BF10L413FC marine diesels (390 hp cont. each)
Propulsion - Two Deutz BF12L413FC marine diesels (500 hp cont. each)


Alaska Hovercraft