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About Bering Marine Corporation

Bering Marine Corporation provides highly specialized, contracted marine services to reach water-locked villages and other remote Alaska locations. Bering Marine gets building materials, equipment and gravel to some of Alaska's most isolated spots - through some of Alaska's most hostile seas - over some of Alaska's shallowest waterways. Our fleet of shallow-draft equipment supports construction of docks, roads and airstrips in Alaska communities. And we do whatever it takes to get our customer's freight on the shore, from lifting cargo by helicopter to off-loading goods onto landing craft. Bering Marine can even supply self-contained camps to shelter workers on either land or sea.

Bering Marine can also help prepare for or respond to emergencies anywhere in Alaska, as we proved by playing a key role in responding to the Exxon Valdez oil spill. A self-contained, ocean-going command post was assembled and on-location within 48-hours of the notice to proceed. Later, landing craft, a floating refueling station and camp barges were added to the clean-up fleet. We've supplied similar emergency response units to support oil drilling ships working in the Beaufort Sea.

Bering Marine Corporation is a contract carrier and authorized agent for Alaska Marine Lines, Inc.

About Bering Marine Corporation