Alaska Marine Lines Barge Service to Alaska and Hawaii


Nana Provider

Operator: Alaska Marine Lines ITC: 6927
Official Number: 1197833 DWT: 15,202
Home: Juneau, Alaska Overall Dimensions: 420' L  100' W  24' D
Nationality: USA Working Deck Dimensions: 403' L  100' W
Type: Deck/Rail Container TEU Capacity: 950
Year Built: 2007

Alaska Marine Lines fleet includes four (4) 420' x 100' rail/container vessels fitted with rail tracks on the deck and thirty-two (32) rows of overhead container racks. Each vessel is equipped with six (6) electrically operated ballast tanks located port and starboard bow, center and stern.


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General Arrangement
ABS Stability Letter International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate
Stability Calculations International Load Line Certificate
Certificate of Classification Survey for Load Lines
Certificate of Documentation International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate

Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR)

International Tonnage Certificate

Certificate of Inspection Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP)
Displacement Deadweight Tables