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Environmental Stewardship

Lynden was founded on principles of integrity and quality. Our environmental commitment is based on a common-sense desire to be efficient and to do things right. Our culture of innovation and efficiency is completely in harmony with our commitment to protect the environment. Lynden's people, equipment, processes and technology are focused on the efficient use of resources and sustainable operations.

Safety and Integrity

At Lynden, we place a high value on safety and doing it right. We pride ourselves on our impeccable safety record and continue to strive for zero accidents.

Our procedures and equipment go above and beyond to prevent and react to accidental spills and manage storm water pollution. Materials that are harmful to the environment are stored and handled properly. Spent engine oil, antifreeze, solvent cleaners, and batteries are recovered and recycled.

Our Lynden Training Center provides quality, hands-on training for employees of numerous companies in Alaska, helping to promote the competent handling of hazardous materials, accident prevention, and proper response and clean up of toxic spills throughout the state.

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