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Environmental Stewardship

Lynden was founded on principles of integrity and quality. Our environmental commitment is based on a common-sense desire to be efficient and to do things right. Our culture of innovation and efficiency is completely in harmony with our commitment to protect the environment. Lynden's people, equipment, processes and technology are focused on the efficient use of resources and sustainable operations.

Energy Efficiency

Our new facilities are designed to be energy efficient and we continue to upgrade lighting and heating systems across our facilities. These energy efficiency initiatives save energy and money and improve the comfort and lighting conditions of our facilities. Computer power saving software that automatically puts computers to "sleep" when not in use has reduced our PC energy costs by 20%.

Since 2008, nearly 50 energy efficiency upgrades at Lynden facilities have led to the reduction of 2,350 megawatt hours of electricity and nearly 7 million British Thermal Units (BTUs) of heating fuel and natural gas per year. That's the equivalent of the average energy used in 167 homes or 335 passenger vehicles in one year.

Reduce & Reuse

Paperless processes such as EZ Commerce allow Lynden's customers to track shipments, pay bills, and receive invoices electronically, saving paper, postage, time and money.

Onboard truck computers and mobile communications devices expand the use of paperless information processes.

A single consolidated invoice has replaced multiple invoices dramatically reducing paperwork and paper use.

The Lynden Ink newsletter is now sent electronically to all employees who have computers, reducing paper use by 70 percent.

IPAY, a new feature within the payroll system has been implemented that will allow employees to receive paperless direct deposit.

Manuals and files that do not require paper copies are increasingly being stored electronically saving paper and filing space in the office.

Cardboard, plastic wrap, and even old mud flaps are used where practical as packing material.

Ceramic coffee mugs in the office have cut down paper cup usage by 90%.


Lynden has set a goal to recycle items from our facilities that are accepted locally and to use our internal system when practical to transport recyclables from communities where recycling is not accessible. Spent engine oil, antifreeze, solvent cleaners, and batteries are always recovered and recycled.

For more than a decade, Lynden Transport, Alaska West Express and Alaska Marine Lines have supported cleanup and recycling efforts in Alaska, turning waste into resources for local organization. In 2014, Lynden was named Contributor of the Year by Alaskans for Litter Preventions and Recycling (ALPAR). Lynden's companies continue to backhaul recyclables from Anchorage to Seattle and from Kenai to Anchorage at no charge helping to make recycling free and convenient for Alaska's rail-belt communities.

Employee Engagement

We recognize that the most innovative and practical changes come from the Lynden employees themselves. We encourage participation in our Green Initiatives through our Cross Company Green Team and periodic employee surveys that ask for ideas and suggestions to make Lynden more Lean and Green.

We created an internal Green website with tips and resources for employees at work and at home. We also introduced monthly Green Tips into our employee newsletter.

Our Summer Green and Fit Challenge rewards employees for using alternative transportation in their work commute. In 2016 participants traveled over 100,434 miles by foot, bicycle, carpooling, and using mass transit.

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